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Personalize your wedding theme – put your heart and soul on the table

How do you show your personality in a traditional setting? Well, sometimes you just need to put your heart and soul on the table. A brilliant example I have seen this year is a wonderful couple who managed to add a modern twist on a traditional wedding scene.

One of the examples expressed was by their table setting design. The groom is a DJ with an incredible collection of vinyl’s and the bride a beautiful creative spirit. With their combined talents they decided to spray-paint one side of the vinyl with silver spray paint – to match the overall colour theme of course – and turned it into a table placemat.

In the centre of the vinyl they added the detail from their wedding invitation and the name of the guest who would be seated there. It made a great conversation piece when the guests took their seats and such a signature twist to make a wedding setting just that much more unique to the bride and groom.

I found it also quite symbolic of the love the groom has for his gorgeous bride and it is always refreshing to see how modern weddings are starting to show a touch of the groom in the design and wedding décor of the magical event that belongs to the both of you.

Tips on how to personalize your wedding setting:

Pick a detail that is common place / traditional and jazz it up with a personal twist, like the candles, the centre piece, the desert bowls, the name placements…

  • If you are into pottery, why not design unique dishes for the centre of each table and fill it with petals, candles or candy.
  • Or if you can make candles, then turn the centre piece into something unique and gorgeous.
  • If you are good with embroidery then make your name tags out of a gorgeous fabric and sew something pretty onto it and mark it with a metallic pen.
  • If you are in to beading you could design a detail to compliment a candle holder or wrap around the stem of the champagne glasses.

The list is endless, stay connected to find out more!

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