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Warm Winter Weddings

One of my all-time favourite wedding scenes from television is when Phoebe and Mike get married outside of Central Perk in the snow on the TV series Friends. The sweet intimacy of that wedding coupled with the exquisite beauty of the snow was something magical. Sadly, there are very few places in South Africa where it snows, so magical white weddings are all but out of the question for the South African bride. I assume you could get married in Tiffindell and ask to borrow the ski resort’s snow making machine if you really wanted to make it work here…but that might be pushing it!

While the wedding industry definitely slows down a bit in wintertime it most certainly does not come to a close. There is something intimate and cosy about the cold that can work together for a perfect happy day. Winter brings with it the opportunity for a few different ideas and if you employ just a little bit of creativity the cold could work in your favour.

Cosy Versus Stuffy

The biggest consideration when it comes to a winter wedding is the comfort of your guests, but do remember that there is a difference between cosy and stuffy. If there is to be a rather large number of guests, make sure that they will be able to crack a window or two if need be.

Fireplaces Are Gorgeous

There are few things as romantic as a roaring fire. If possible, try to choose a venue with a fireplace and make sure that someone will be there to keep it roaring.

Don’t Get Cold

You don’t want your day to be ruined by a case of the chills so keep the weather in mind when choosing your dress. The addition of a cloak or shawl will help, but if you’re looking for a more cost effective option, a brightly coloured cardigan can actually be quite quaint.

Have Fun with the Menu

A winter menu can be a lot of fun to play with. Instead of choosing the usual roast-with-veggies option (this gets cold very quickly!) why not opt for mouth-watering soups or stews? These can be accompanied by bread and cheese platters. You might also consider serving sherry to warm the bellies as they arrive and having a hot chocolate station as part of the dessert.

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