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Want A Wedding Dress, Can’t Afford To Have It Designed – Where Do I Go?

Want A Wedding Dress, Can’t Afford To Have It Designed – Where Do I Go? ~ The wedding industry, for that is what weddings have become – a booming business for those involved in helping the bride look a million dollars, providing venues, catering, music, back-up and management – is worth a lot of money.

In America the average wedding costs over $27,000 (R225 000). Here, although admittedly a lot cheaper, market research says you won’t pay less than R80 000 – practically worthy of a bond to cover the costs.

It’s not surprising that in the current financial climate brides are looking elsewhere for their wedding gowns – designer ‘rokkies’ and custom made is just too expensive.

But where do you turn in South Africa, when you’re watching your pennies, for a wedding dress that doesn’t look as though you found it in a second-hand shop (yes, we know Vintage is all the rage, but not all of us like it)?

Rent it

There are a number of bridal boutiques where you can rent a gorgeous dress that is as good as new for the day, they’ll adjust the dress so that it fits you perfectly, without the expense of buying it new.

Buy it online

Whilst this might sound initially like taking a huge risk – how can you choose a dress based on a picture on the web? – websites like Bid or Buy make it easier by allowing you to question the seller directly about the size, the shape, the colour and so forth.

The prices charged for wedding dresses online far outweigh the risks. If you find a professional taylor to take your measurements and compare it with the measurements of the dress online, there is less risk involved.

Hire a local dressmaker, not a designer

There are still plenty of seamstresses who make their living from making wedding gowns who do not charge an arm and a leg for the privilege. You won’t find them in boutiques, so ask around.

A friend of a friend will have a dressmaker in her little black book. They’re worth their weight in gold, and will often make a dress from a picture, if you know what you want.

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