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The Pros of Owning Your Wedding Dress

One of the big decisions you will be faced with as you set off on the adventure that is planning your wedding is whether you should buy or rent a wedding dress. Of course there are pros and cons to both options, but in the spirit of happy optimism let’s just deal with the pros of owning today. Here are some great reasons to own a wedding dress rather than renting one.

Endless Options

When you opt to buy a dress rather than rent one you have more options available to you. While there are places that will “Make to Rent” a dress for you, this is far more expensive than renting something off the rack. When you choose to buy your dress, you can either design it to your exact specifications from scratch and have it made for you, shop for your dream dress locally, or even shop online both nationally and internationally.

You Get to Keep the Dress

This seems like an obvious pro but there is something special about being able to haul out your wedding dress every now and then so you can reminisce about your special day. If you choose a classic design instead of a trendy design you might even find that your daughter would like to wear it on her own wedding day.

You Can Trash the Dress

Taking photographs on your wedding day is a lot of fun, but there is always a bit of a time constraint because you need to get back to your guests. Today modern brides all over the world are opting for a second after-the-wedding photo shoot known as a “Trash the Dress” shoot.

Basically you get to dress up in your wedding things and go and have fun. Go horse riding, so swimming in your wedding clothes, hop on a carousel – the options are endless. The point is that you get to wear your dress again and you get to have fun and you get some more fantastic photographs out of it.

No Post-Wedding Returns to Worry About

If you own your wedding dress you won’t have to worry about returning it shortly after the wedding, which means that once the reception is over you and your new spouse can disappear for your honeymoon without having to worry about any un-fun details.

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