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Why Would You Wear A Short Wedding Dress?

The short wedding dress is back on ramps. Not excessively so, but with the current Twenties influence, short is no longer relegated to beach weddings. Summer fashion is peppered with leg-baring, skirt flaring, body-conscious little numbers.

Admittedly not every bride can carry off a short dress. But for those who want something a little different a short dress can become something of a signature tune. And you don’t have to do short short, tea length is as popular at the moment.

Do a search on the Internet and you’ll see lace, sequins, flapper-inspired, dream-like, frothy, tutu-like, chic, cute, elegant and daring numbers for just about anyone.

And they’re all short. All you have to have is the legs to carry it off, and even that – judging by the models who wear them – is not imperative.

Why wear short?

  • Because it suits you – long dresses make you come over all short
  • Your wedding is an outdoors day time wedding – traditionally this is ideal for shorter dresses
  • Your wedding is indoors, night time – have you seen some of the short dresses by Oscar de la Renta or Marchesa? (just add white tights and very high heels)
  • You have great legs – go on, flaunt it!
  • You’ve found a great pair of shoes that deserve to be seen
  • You’re sure to trip on a long dress – two left feet is NOT an advantage
  • You want to move around more easily
  • Full short skirts and fluttering trains are incredibly graceful
  • All the top designers now feature short wedding attire in their collections
  • You’ve never believed that a wedding dress should be modest or demure (even if you did there are short designs that fit the bill)
  • You love all things feminine
  • You’re not scared of making a statement
  • Your reception is informal and the dress will suit the ceremony venue too
  • Natalie Portman wore one for her wedding
  • Your wedding is intimate and flows easily from ceremony to reception
  • They’re cheaper
  • They make for long marriages (here’s hoping)
  • You want to

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