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Some Vital Questions To Include When Selecting Wedding Suppliers

Most of us do not event manage for a living. Yet with the advent of our weddings we suddenly feel we should be able to cope with hiring people, selecting a photographer,  choosing a venue, a florist, someone to bake the cake; and still co-ordinate it all.

But have no fear. If you keep your wits about you, add a dose of humour, keep in mind at all times that your wedding is not that big a deal (i.e. maintain perspective), and include these crucial questions when hiring, you just might pull it all off:

To the photographer:

  • Do you think I can see all of the photographs from one or two of your weddings, not just the selected ones? (the ones that make you look good – don’t say this part!)
  • Will the photos you take contain a copyright, or do they belong to us?
  • Are you our actual photographer? (you don’t want to end up with his assistant)

To the venue supplier:

  • What’s the worst thing you’ve had happen at a wedding reception here before? (if they say they’ve all been perfect, you might want to look elsewhere; you’re looking for how they handled the situation)
  • As part of the cost do you supply a co-ordinator to supervise and co-ordinate the day and deal with any problems that might arise?
  • Do you provide a PA system for speeches and announcements?
  • Is there a children’s menu (if you’re having children at the reception)
  • Is there a board for the seating plan?

To the florist:

  • Can you do a mock up of the tables’ centrepiece for me?
  • Do you also do aisle runners, candles, candlesticks, potted plants etc.?
  • What flowers are in season? (these tend to be cheaper)
  • Can I watch you set up at your next wedding?

To the dressmaker:

  • Are fittings included in the cost of the dress?
  • What if I gain weight? (you want to make sure dress seams are large enough)

To the baker of cake:

  • are you prepared to co-ordinate with the florist as I want fresh flowers on top?
  • do you include a cake stand and knife?
  • does the quoted price include the top tier?
  • can I see your portfolio?
  • can I sample your cake?

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