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Spring Wedding Trends

It’s spring. Oh joy, oh rapture! It is unsurprising that so many poets dedicate countless lines to the coming of summer, the beginning of life, the cycle of nature, for the very appearance of the sun for longer than a day results in a type of madness that soon subsides once summer makes her presence known.

Any bride lucky enough to choose a spring wedding (for admittedly in some areas of the country it is a risk, and rain, or the remains of winter, could threaten your day) will benefit from the earlier risings, the appearance of initial flower buds, the opening of the season, the smell of new grass and the general chaos of birds choosing mates and lining nests.

Weddings too take on a whole new look, and there are several trends to take advantage of:

  • Colours – soften, so schemes like soft pink and green vye with the even more daring all white wedding, but don’t be scared to go bold with spots of something bright – plum and olive, coral and gray, cherry and lime; or all of them together against white as the predominant colour.
  • The love story invite – this is a lovely trend involving a more detailed invitation that gives the background to how the couple met, fell in love, got engaged etc. it’s something your guests will love to read.
  • Dresses – frothy fairy-tale type wedding dresses that layer soft tulle with light flowing skirts and details like fabric flowers or appliquéd sequins; these more modest gowns replace the penchant for strapless, skin-baring gowns, which now have a sheer overlay to lessen the impact of flesh, and shoulders are covered. But short and cheeky, as well as peplums (not my favourite choice, but there you go), are gracing fashion ramps.
  • Trendy décor – mason jars and wild flowers are out (sorry if you didn’t manage to make use of them) and more refined table settings are in – think long wooden table d’hotes topped with runners and decorated with suggestions of spring flowers (not ornate). And lots of light – candles, candelabras, oil lamps etc.
  • Shorter honeymoons – known as the ‘mini-moon’ they tend to be local stays and indicate a long weekend break rather than the big honeymoon, and can take place at any time after the wedding, not necessarily directly following.

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