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Rose and other flower petals as confetti

We LOVE This! The ONLY floral freeze-drying service in South Africa, PetalMania offers something very special, flower petals as confetti. PetalMania produces the highest quality, bio-degradable wedding confetti, in a wide variety of colours to suit your wedding colour scheme, available in South Africa today.

You can buy directly from PetalMania (delivery available throughout Southern Africa) or through your Wedding florist or wedding organiser.

Freeze dried petals and flowers add emotion and colour and won’t deteriorate during your perfect day.

Advantages of Freeze Dried flower petals as confetti

  • Freeze dried petals and flowers are completely natural, keeping 99% of the vibrancy, shape, colour & size of the fresh flower.
  • Freeze dried petals as confetti add quality and brio – they are far, far better than fresh or air dried petals.
  • Freeze drying your bouquet, or using freeze dried flowers as part of your display is uniquely practical and beautiful.
  • Order a sample of petals to feel and see the difference! Find out how we create the perfect petal & what colours are available today.

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Contact Paola Verolini to find out what they have available for your wedding on Telephone +27 (0)76 872-7734. Delivery available throughout Southern Africa.

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