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The Wedding Registry – Yea Or Nay?

Wedding registries. Do they make lives easier in the run up to a wedding, or are they an added stress to your guests to spend more than they would have, had they had the choice?

Because here is the crunch: asking people to buy things, usually fairly expensive things, and very often those that, given the choice, you would not usually have chosen – but they’re in the shop, and you’ve run out of time / options / the will for anything else – can cause discomfort and be interpreted as rude.

On the other hand, how easy to find a one-stop-shop to address all your wedding gift woes. Some couples, to ease the lack of choice, have more than one registry, which gives guests a wider choice of gifts, and eases the whole gift nightmare of ‘what shall I buy them?’.

And if you can manage to cast your guilt aside at having to ask people to part with their hard-earned dosh for items like Le Creuset cookware, having an online registry can be an enormous amount of fun.

Let’s face it: local registries, like Yuppiechef, leave one drooling. The site is dead easy to use, even for those who are not ‘tech savvy’, and it has a huge range of kitchen tools to choose from. Best part of the deal is that they deliver gifts to your door – no hassle for guests to pick up and wrap, and no ‘gift table’ to worry about at the reception.

It makes a lot of sense to do it this way. The team at Yuppiechef supply you with a number to call if you experience difficulty ordering online. Best of all, there are a wealth of coffee machines, kitchen aids, bowls, plates and cutlery that suddenly BELONG in your kitchen (you simply must have them!).

Other registries, like the Wedding Gift List, allow you to open a honeymoon registry alongside or instead of a wedding registry. This follows the trend in America where couples use registries for anything from paying off their first home to buying vintage wine for their homes.

Registries – yea or nay? You can always provide the proviso that should guests be more happy buying you something unique, you’re happy to receive their choice of gift…

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