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Candice’s Bridal Diary: Children At The Wedding

As we’re now reaching the time where we have to finalize guests lists and work on save-the-dates, the decision regarding children needs to be made (to clarify, whether they are going to be at the wedding – not whether we want to have them!).

Our guests and friends are a mixed bunch – ranging from parents of teenagers to young parents of toddlers and babies. We’ve been to a fair amount of weddings between us, and seem to have evolved into “wedding snobs” – taking lessons from each one about what we love and loathe – and children at the wedding has never been an aspect that fell into the ‘love’ category. Of course, we are also fully convinced that ours is going to be the most perfect wedding ever, so please bear with us through our period of supreme optimism!

Although children are of course, their parents’ absolute joy, we’ve seen their presence adding so much extra stress to their parents at weddings – who  in turn can’t be fully present at your day, as they are forever hassling or trying to placate or control their children. In fairness, expecting a little child to sit still and be quiet for what is normally close to an hour, is always going to be a tall order and a little unfair to the child. We’d like our guests to be fully present – to be relaxed and able to enjoy every detail of the day – after all, a wedding is effectively a celebration given for your guests to enjoy with you.

I understand this can be a very difficult decision to make – especially if you have nieces or nephews. If you’d like them to still be included, but spoil their parents to some time off, perhaps think about including an on-site baby sitter for the day? Where parents can still dash out to check on them if they would like to, but where they can also enjoy the ceremony and meal uninterrupted?

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