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Tips To Creating Your Registry

Choosing a wedding registry (place where the wedding guests can select gifts) goes beyond simply selecting a shop and being done with it.

  • Choose something close to home – by this we mean, choose somewhere that you already shop often. This will make it easier for you, and is likely to be familiar to your friends too.
  • A rich variety – choose a store/shop that has a large variety of the things you need. You don’t want to be stuck with a plethora of bathroom towels.
  • Across the board – make sure it also has a wide selection of prices, as some of your guests are going to be prepared to spend less than others.
  • Choose more than one – this might sound obvious, but don’t feel that you’re only allowed one registry. Opening one at Woolies and another at @Home will give you greater access to the items you need. Having only one registry can be extremely limiting if you’re kitting yourselves out.
  • As soon as – register your registry as soon as possible. Why? It gives your guests time to shop and to budget and you time to select your items without rushing.
  • Online and in-store – provide your guests with both options to buy you a gift. Those who are technologically-challenged can go into the shop itself.
  • Choose items you both like – make selections with your partner. It can be a wonderful time to learn about compromise and to understand one another’s tastes better.
  • Include your registry information – make it accessible to your guests by referring to it in your invitations or on your wedding blog.
  • Include unusual items if that’s what you as a couple need – if it’s a tent you need, or you want to add to your wine collection, include these, even if it means opening a third registry.
  • Avoid – asking for money. The jury is out on this one but most people do not like giving cash. It not only puts them on the spot making them feel compelled to give more than they might have, but it also takes away any initiative on their part as far as selecting a gift that reflects their relationship with you goes.

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