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Cutesy Kitchen Tea Activities

Planning a few kitchen tea activities for the bride-to-be’s celebration is a great way to break the tension in a room full of ladies who might not necessarily know each other too well. The type of activities you choose will depend on your bride and what you think she might enjoy.  Don’t forget to organize small prizes for the winners of each game!

Kitchen Tea Activities and a couple of games you might like to try:

Guess the Recipe

Have each guest bring a copy of their favourite recipe to share with the bride. The bride must then guess who the recipe is from. Put together a recipe binder for her to store the recipes in. Alternatively you can have the bride read out the ingredients list of each recipe and the guests then have to guess what the recipe might be.

Name the Gadget

Buy a bunch of odd gadgets from a home or convenient store. Try to make your choices as bizarre and unobvious as possible. Remove the tags from each gadget and display them on the table. The aim of the game would then be for everyone present to guess what each gadget is used for. The lady with the most correct answers wins and the bride gets to keep the gadgets for her kitchen.

Host a Cooking Class

If you want to host an extra special kitchen tea you might consider hiring someone to come in and give a cooking demonstration. Whether it be a pastry chef or a cake decorating connoisseur  or someone who can teach you all to cook a three course Thai meal, there’s no doubt that everyone will have a great time learning and once you are done you can enjoy your creations together.

Who Gave the Gift?

Get each guest to tie a baby picture of themselves to their gift instead of a gift tag. The bride then needs to guess who each gift is from by looking at the picture.

What ever you choose to do make sure you have fun with these kitchen tea activities, because otherwise what is the point?

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