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Making A Candelabra Centrepiece For Your Wedding

Without doubt, one of the ways to save money, and give your wedding reception food table a wonderful atmosphere, is the candelabra centrepiece. Go one better though and produce a Victorian candelabra yourself that makes an incredible statement and sets the stage for the evening.

They’re wonderful to look at, and, if the mood takes you and you have the time, you can produce one for every table at the wedding reception.

You will need: a spirit of adventure, a bit of creative energy, artistic incline or conversely, make sure you have a friend or two who are artistic to help inspire you.

What You Need:

  • An old candelabra or candle holders (any version will do, but if it’s bronze or gold antique, then that will save you on the spray paint front)
  • Spray paint (if you’re not happy with the look of your candle holders)
  • Sandpaper
  • Candles to fit the holders (you can even use old candles because once they’re lit, it isn’t as if anyone can tell)
  • Strings of beads, bits and bops, shiny stuff
  • Spray glue and Prestik
  • Faux flowers (preferably material, not plastic)

How to assemble:

  • If you need to, sand the candelabra / candle holders
  • Spray the candelabra / candle holders gold / bronze / white, and the flowers you’ve chosen as well (you might want to do this in another room or outside as it’s pretty smelly)
  • If you want your flowers to be really dressy, spray them with the spray glue and then sprinkle them with glitter
  • Now go wild with the beading, flowers (once they’re dry) and shiny stuff – drape the beading between the candelabra sticks, attach your flowers and shiny stuff to create the look you want (this might take a bit of playing first, hence the Prestik)
  • Set centrepiece(s) up at reception, sprinkle with flower petals or glitter and light candles – voila!

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