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Things to consider before printing the invitations

Your wedding invitations are the precursor to your wedding. They say a lot about you and the theme of the wedding. Therefore it makes sense to spend some time in planning and preparing for the invitation. Here are some things you need to take care of before sending out the invitations:

Plan in advance

There’s nothing worse than having invitations which are completely out of sync with your wedding theme. The key is to plan the entire invitations in advance. Starting with the people who will be invited, to deciding on the colors, the theme of the card and much more. Be prepared for delays with printing companies so make sure you place your order well in advance.

Costs involved

There are many specialty stores which cater to those who need wedding invitations. It is essential to compare costs of the materials at a few stores before you make your decision. Try to factor in some time for unforeseen errors – if there are any you will have time to have your invitations reprinted. Don’t forget that this can be costly so it’s important to check all the details carefully before submitting the invitations for print.

Make your own

If you do not wish to splurge on the wedding invitations, you could make them all by yourself. You will easily find plenty of card stock, rubber stamps, envelopes and embellishments and a variety of inks you can use to create your own style and stand apart from the crowd. Choose from handmade or tissue paper, add your favorite poem or your favorite song to create your unique design. You may even find you save some money this way.

Check out the trends

You can easily get an idea of the current styles and formats in fashion these days by taking a look at some of the popular wedding magazines and browsing wedding blogs. This way you will have a fair idea of how today’s wedding invitations look, the way they are written and so on.

If you don’t have the time

If you’re running short of time and don’t mind spending more, you can easily order wedding invitations online. There are plenty of online service providers who specialize in creating fantastic wedding invitations that truly reflect your unique style. Although these are a little more expensive, results are worth it!

Buy in bulk

Just as with most goods, with wedding invitations, if you happen to buy in bulk, you can get a good discount. You can easily buy from a party store or even a wedding warehouse. If your list of invites exceeds the 50 mark, then this is a good idea.


If you have your own website, you can post the wedding details online. Include the date, guest list and other details on your site. You can even send invitations via email to make the process faster and less expensive. Only the guests which don’t have Internet access need to be sent paper invitations.

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