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6 Great Free Gift Ideas For Weddings

Weddings tend to happen in spates. Once one of your friends marries, and it’s not long before at least another three join the ranks of Mr and Mrs. This can leave their guests feeling more than a little pinched (outfits, gifts and shoes alone can break the bank).

We’ve put our heads together to come up with a few gift ideas that cost you nothing, but that still mean something to the couple getting hitched. Warning: they take a little more effort, so allow time…

  • Donate all your Pick n Pay smart shopper points to a charity like The Sunflower Fund Project, WWF-SA, or the Children’s Hospital Trust. Use the smart shopper kiosk in any Pick n Pay store, donate your points, and then write in the couple’s gift card that they have donated Rx.xx to a particular charity. At the moment one cannot donate on behalf of friends, so your homemade voucher will have to suffice, but Pick n Pay are considering this as an option
  • A personal voucher for specific wedding or post-wedding related jobs (it might be a good idea to give this to the couple before the wedding) like arranging the flowers (if you’re particularly good at being creative), making invites, decorating tables, baking a cake, returning hired goods, such as glasses etc.
  • Offer to housesit whilst the couple are away, or to look after their dog or cat, to save on kennel fees
  • Offer to create the playlist of music for the reception – whilst you’re not offering to be DJ, what couple won’t be only too grateful to receive already downloaded, collated and applicable songs to dance to. You’ll have to know their taste implicitly, which implies you’re rather a good friend
  • Collate a slideshow of pictures of the couple and friends to distract people whilst they wait at the reception for the photo shoot to end – these can be fun and lighthearted, as well as sentimental…
  • Conversely, collate a wedding album of photos friends and family have of the couple that they may not have seen. Phone around and get comments, poems and testimonials from friends and add these – wonderful for the couple to pour over whilst on honeymoon

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