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Wedding favours

Wedding Favours are the little gifts that are a sign of appreciation from the bride and groom to their guests. They can be given to guests during the wedding ceremony, but it is more common for them to be distributed at the wedding reception.

The emphasis is on ‘little’, and the tradition an old one that hails from the time when European aristocrats gave favours at their weddings. The favours then were called bonbonniere, which is a little crystal  or porcelain trinket box wherein there were sugar cubes or another type of little confection, symbolising wealth and royalty.

Of course in those days sugar was regarded as a delicacy that only the wealthy could afford. In those days they also believed that sugar was good for you. As sugar became more freely available, bonbonnieres began to use almonds instead. Even today, the traditional ‘favour’ remains a sugar-coated almond, interestingly initially known as confetti. Today they’re referred to simply as ‘table gifts’.

If you want to stick with tradition then five Jordan almonds (from the French word ‘jardin’ meaning ‘garden’ thought to describe a ‘cultivated’ almond) presented in an elegantly wrapped confection box, is the way to go. And bearing the tradition in mind, might well help you labour through the myriad choices to which you will find yourself exposed the minute you start investigating alternatives to the sugared almond favour.

Essentially, wedding favours are something your guests can take home with them to remember you by, so don’t get too carried away. These days choices range from personalised fortune cookies, through sandblasted champagne glasses, personalised with the bride and groom’s names to a list of items like bath and soaps favours, candles, chocolates etc. (the emphasis here is to choose something in keeping with the style of your wedding and not go overboard or it’ll just be plain tacky).

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