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Top Fashion Trends That May Influence Brides

Brides are affected by the world of fashion. Obviously. But what styles and trends of the runway in the last year will influence you as a bride?

The peplum

Sorry, but this funny little ‘overskirt’, usually paired with a silhouette skirt or narrow pants (but anything goes), is just not going to go away – Kim Kardashian wore so many of them that we began to think it was some sort of uniform. Have they affected wedding gowns? A quick trawl through latest fashion trends reveals a unanimous ‘yes’. And to be fair, it adds a dash of baroque (another trend to much influence ramp fashion), glamour and femininity that is hard to beat. It’s also incredibly flattering – over a long flowing pencil line skirt you cannot go wrong!


If you’re not already aware of the neon influence, then a quick glance in Woolworths will alert you to the tangerine, lemon yellow and royal blue (in amongst lime green and turquoise) that has dominated the scene this summer. Whilst you’re probably not going to trail the aisle in an icy yellow gown, nails, shoes and make-up have all felt the influence, and they may well affect your theme and palette.

’50s and ’60s era shapes and influence

It’s all back – the dropped waists, the hemline above the knee, the pearls. Whilst the silhouettes of the ’50s with hourglass shapes, screen siren hair dos and (there it is again) the peplum.


Despite the propensity for bold prints and neon, pastel shades were seen amongst starlets in evening and designer wear. Pale shades of mint, yellow, blush pink, icy blue and gentle lavender were adopted by designers such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and Tommy Hilfiger. Just think icecream and you get the idea. Beautiful for summer weddings with matching themes.


Ornate details, gilded edges, drama and decorative motifs – textured fabrics, velvet, silk tapestries and designers like Rommaso Aquilano, Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Marni and Stella McCartney have made this trend one to keep an eye on, particularly as we move from summer into winter.


Oversized neon flowers in some of the most beautiful patterns, the emphasis is on the feminine and flowers are very much here to stay – have a look at Oscar de la Renta’s evening gowns.

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