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Are You a Bridezilla? – 10 Warning Signs That You’re on the Verge

The urban online dictionary defines bridezilla as: ‘one ridiculous spoiled b**** who thinks she is the centre of the universe, just because her ‘show’ (the wedding) is 18 months from now….’

Whilst this definition sounds extreme (and is more than likely written by a rather irate wedding planner) it does highlight that in the heat of the moment many of us could earn the title with very little help from problematic vendors, difficult friends, relatives or mothers-in-law, simply because we lose perspective.

Losing the plot, feeling stressed, competitive, the need to impress, or overwhelmed are signals that you’re over-identifying with your wedding. Taking a step back at this stage may just save both you from a bridezilla moment.

10 warning signs that you’re on the verge of a bridezilla attack:

  • You feel compelled to continuously browse online wedding sites and are up until all hours re-pinning pics of dresses, table décor, colour schemes and ideas
  • You micro-manage every detail, even though you’ve hired a wedding planner (checking up on her twice a day is par for the course)
  • You’re so busy that you barely see your fiancé – there’s plenty of time for that once you’re married
  • You’ve six months to go and are way over budget – every detail has to be right, never mind debt, you’ll deal with that once you’re married, it’s your wedding after all
  • You’ve already had a couple of heated altercations with family and friends
  • You expect wedding suppliers and vendors to accommodate you and become rather rude if they cannot, or if they suggest alternatives (you know what you want; you’ve been planning this wedding forever)
  • You want to do it all yourself and won’t think of having help stuffing envelopes, making the cake or selecting flowers
  • You find yourself underwhelmed by most things and complain about just about everything because nothing – not your dress, your manicure, your mother-in-law or the florist – manage to meet your expectations
  • You have found yourself in tears on a regular basis – whilst nerves are normal, consistent tears are a sign of stress
  • By a week before the wedding it’s all you can talk about

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