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Tips for Honeymooning in Thailand

One of the most popular honeymoon destinations for South African couples at the moment is Thailand, and it’s not hard to see why. The truth is that when it comes to visiting Thailand, your plane tickets could easily turn out to be the most costly part of the trip. Thailand is a stunning country filled with friendly and helpful people, cheap food and drink, beautiful beaches, interesting cultures, and fascinating places to visit. It is the perfect place to celebrate the start of your future together.

Here are some tips for honeymooning and how to make sure you get the best out of your trip.


I’m not sure why but it is cheaper to book your accommodation online than it is to go through an agency. Either way it is still not going to cost the earth, but if you’re trying to be frugal this is a way to keep costs down. It is also wise to make sure you get a room with air-conditioning as it is very hot in Thailand all year round and without air conditioning you might find that all the romance goes out the window! It also helps to make sure the hotel has wi-fi so that you can communicate with the folks back home and post a pic or two on Facebook.


Private tour guides are typically cheaper than tour companies, but either way they are affordable. You might want to take a look around to see what is on offer before settling with any one particular person. Thai people are incredibly helpful though so you will never need to worry about getting lost or not being able to figure out what to do. It is most likely that your hotel organizes tours and you may just decide that it is easiest to go with them.


The mozzies in Thailand are quiet and invisible, but they are definitely there. Don’t bother with mozzie repellent from here, just pop into a 7-eleven or a pharmacy and ask them to give you something for the mosquitos. And no, you don’t need to worry about Malaria in Thailand.


The best place to get a cup of coffee in the morning is from a coffee machine at 7-eleven. There are coffee shops all over the place but they do tend to charge quite a bit. 7-eleven coffee is pretty average but it does the trick and you don’t have to spend thirty bucks just to get your morning buzz.


Everyone will tell you to pack minimally and just buy clothes there. Listen to them! As much as you may be tempted to add “just one more pair of shoes” it isn’t necessary. Thailand is the kind of place where you can pretty much just buy yourself a sundress every time you run out of things to wear. I must state, however, that you might struggle to find clothing if you are any higher than a size 14. The one-size-fits-all labels are not always entirely accurate.

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