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10 Initial Must-Dos For Any Bride-To-Be

You have just got engaged and have barely recovered from the barrage of mixed feelings about the very idea of being someone’s wife. But before the overwhelming list of THINGS TO DO begins to formulate, here are 10 things to get a head start.

Let important people know
Let your relatives know, even the ones to whom you seldom speak. Start with a phone call to your respective parents and close friends but don’t change your Facebook status until important others know.

Insure your ring
You might think this sounds a little premature – to rush out and insure the ring before you’ve even had time to wear it – but try having it stolen…Most jewellers will suggest that insurance when they sell you a ring, and they will include an appraisal. Or you can include it in any home insurance you might already have.

Choose a date
One of the major questions you will now field is – ‘so when’s the big day?’. Even if you can’t select the exact date yet, have an idea of the month or the season so that you can put friends and family in the picture. Then again, perhaps you’ve decided to wait – getting engaged was a big enough step on its own…

Sign up for a Pinterest account
It will prove invaluable when getting an overall picture of how you want your wedding to look. It’s your place to dream and play.

Plan a special night out
Just for you and your partner.

Set the budget
To formulate a figure will entail a fair amount of talking expectations through with your partner, including the amount of time each of you can give to the project, what aspects of the ceremony are important to each of you, and your families’ expectations.

Shape the guest list
This is, of course, very dependent on budget.

Wedding co-ordinator or not?
Look at how big your wedding might be, and what aspects will need planning and work out if you can tackle these alone or not. Why not interview a wedding planner to get an idea of what they could contribute.

Start saving
Open a basic savings account (Capitec have very good rates, and low fees) and deposit a portion of your monthly salary towards the big day.

Pick a venue
Securing a venue, unless you’re opting for a gorilla-style wedding, shapes how the rest of the wedding will look and feel.

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Happy Wedding Planning!

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