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The Backless Dress – Wedding Dresses with Style

Just when we thought we’d acclimatised to the partiality for the boob tube wedding dress, along comes the backless or plunging back to keep any bride on her toes.

Apart from the fact that to carry off this particular style of dress you’ve not only got to be svelt but also in training so that your back is sculpted and your apps in shape. And then there is the exfoliation routine – imperative in order for your back to present its best self to all and sundry (let’s not forget that whilst saying your vows, it is your back that faces all eyes).

Despite the big ‘but’, a plunging backline is a beautiful shape for a dress. If you have a  shapely back, then this is perfect for you.

The backless wedding dress was tipped to take European 2011 summer weddings by storm. The bride and her dress are without doubt the focal point of the wedding party and choosing a backless wedding dress with clean and smooth lines that falls either right to the waistline or reveals only the upper back is one way to create a showstopper.

There are some incredible variations on the theme, for those of you who think that a backless dress is anything but modest, including a revealed back covered in lace and wide shoulder straps that cross over the back, with a feature like a large rose or bow in the small of the back. Or there is the dress where a lace, fitted bodice merely has a large round cut out of the lace at the back. It is incredibly elegant and can be gorgeous for a summer wedding.

PS: underwear for such a dress shape may entail a little dexterity and ingenuity. Some underwear labels design items especially for low back designs, but you can also work with your seamstress to sew in a bra for you so that it is held in place and no unsightly straps are visible on your big day.

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