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Hen night or pamper party?

The Hen night or bachelorette party is the bride-to-be’s version of the bachelor party, and, not to be outdone, these have the reputation, certainly in the UK and USA, of being rolicking booze binges that go on for an entire weekend and usually involve getting utterly trashed with misbehaviour all round.

But if we get down to brass tacks, the hen night is meant to be a dinner given by the bride for her friends shortly before her wedding. The practice though goes back centuries to the time when parties were held to honour the bride-to-be. These gained a certain cult significance when tied to gender equality, and today the ‘hen party’ and ‘stag night’ shout out the social stereotypes of each gender.

There are those women though who would rather have a quiet time amongst their friends, spent pampering themselves. Enter the pamper party, during which the girls meet either at a spa for the day, or get a few holistic therapists to come to them at home for the special occasion.

Pamper parties are not limited to hen nights. One does not need much of an excuse to make them happen and they can be a way of celebrating any number of special occasions.

A pamper party is usually a party held amongst women where each guest receives beauty and massage treatments, and gets the chance to indulge and pamper themselves. At the same time it is not unheard of to pop open a bottle or three of bubbly and indulge in a few snacks. All of this in the comfort of your home or a spa (the home version will probably dent the budget a little less).

And if you still want an element of the hen party, the pamper aspect can be day two of the weekend.

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