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OMG, I’ve chosen the wrong dress …

There are so many articles telling you how to pick the ‘right’ gown (for your shape, for your theme, for your type, for your personality) but what if, heaven forbid, you pick the wrong one?

There are brides out there, like me, who have walked in, tried on a dress, felt it was absolutely amazing, just perfect for you, the dress, paid for it, walked out and then that night realised that the dress is all wrong! How much worse can it get than that?

How many brides, in fact, walk down the aisle having convinced themselves that their dress is perfect, despite grave misgivings to the contrary? Yet the price tag and the fact that it’s all done and dusted, signed and sealed, makes it, well, impossible to take it back?

So you return for your first fitting and when you try it on, again you know you’ve made the right choice, what a relief. It looks fantastic, you look amazing in it, the dress is YOU. Breathe a sigh of relief, take a couple of photos so that you can remember it when away from it, and depart, a much-relieved bride-to-be.

Again that night and the days following the fitting are filled with nail biting, eyes shut tight moments of incredible angst that the dress is all wrong. You haul out the photographs and, OMG, is that how it looks on me? It’s all wrong…

I’m going to throw something at you now, from stage left (that’s a drama term, for those of you not involved in the world of theatre) and gently suggest that the dress is really, really absolutely fine. What you’re going through right now just may have less to do with working out which dress is perfect for you, and more to do with working out who you want to be when you get married.

Marriage is an adjustment. It’s complicated and loaded with other ‘stuff’ that then plays itself out in other ways, like thinking you’ve made a ‘mistake’ with your dress.

Maybe a little time spent pondering on this will help you see your dress in perspective, and you’ll realise that the dress search is something of a journey that parallels other journeys within.

PS: then again, it could just be the wrong dress!

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