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Candice’s Bridal Diary: The Grand Unveiling (Or Is It?)

For someone who didn’t care too much about the great dress idea when all this wedding planning started, I’m now becoming rather attached to the idea of mine. The “base” dress is already there, the fabric for embellishments has been bought and next week I’ll spend some time with my dressmaker devising a plan of when and how to begin. Something I didn’t expect was quite how “showy” it’s turning out to be. Not in a Vegas show-girl, or Barbie bride kind of way, but in a way a fair amount of embellished lace has made it. Both mothers are of the opinion it’s going to be exquisite, and I definitely agree, but it’s now making me rethink the rest of my outfit.

As we’re having a morning wedding (10h30) we were always going to lean towards the slightly more casual side of things – my gorgeous husband-to-be will be wearing a fantastic suit and shirt – but no tie for example. So a chapel or floor length veil was never going to be on the cards for me. I had my heart set on a bird-cage veil, but as I’m watching my wedding dress take shape, I’m worried it may be a little much.

So, at this stage, I feel like being The Rebel Bride and not having a veil at all. Gasps, shock and horror from traditionalists everywhere.  With so much lace covering my dress, I’m worried about looking too covered and hidden if I have a veil as well – there’s also the concern of the veiling fabric (whether it’s netting or lace) clashing with my dress. I’ve thought about fascinators and embellishments on an alice band, but both seem to just flatten my head (as I’m wearing it down, the flat-head look is not something I’m aiming for). The solution seems to be a beautiful, embellished clip. Simply pulling some of my hair from my face – providing enough interest so people don’t think I’ve forgotten to do my hair, but not so much that it detracts from the dress.Then again, maybe I’ll change my mind at the last minute and walk down the aisle covered in curtain netting …

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