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Bronzing Your Bod For The Big Day

Bronzing Your Bod For The Big Day ~ The first and last time I used fake tan was the night before flying off on a beach holiday on Bulgaria’s coastline.

Back then I knew little about bronzing other than I had to do something about my seriously white body. I also didn’t realise how long the cream product I chose would take to dry.

Falling into bed way after midnight exhausted, as my vanity fast faded, I relinquished any hope of gorgeous just tanned thighs. I knew the bedding would leave stripes no matter how I lay. It did. I spent my holiday strategically draping sarongs.

These days bronzing products, or fake tans, have come a long way. My sister recently used a spray on product that had me gawping – she looked fantastic – no orange skin, streaks or patches. I genuinely thought she’d spent the weekend lying on a lounger.

They come in gels, sprays, wipes, mousse, lotions and oils, but there are a few ‘secrets’ to getting a gentle summer tan for your wedding:

Do your research

Find out what is out there, what will work best for your skin, ask questions, chat to friends and beauty therapists; this is a case of trial and error so if you want to look good on the day, you may have to experiment a few months in advance

Exfoliate, exfoliate

Prepare the canvas before applying the paint


Make sure your knees, elbows, wrists, ankles, feet and hands are not dry or they ‘grab’ tan; careful with the area around your navel; buff your feet

Wear gloves

Preferably latex, to protect your hands but put a mitt on top or the finish won’t be streak-free

Watch the wrists

Tell-tale lines where the palm meets the arm at the wrist give your tan away; after applying to your body, moisturise hands and then work in a small amount to the back of the hands; clean your fingernails

Leave time to dry

Mousses dry quicker than creams or lotions, sprays even quicker; avoid tight-fitting clothes and don’t get wet for about six hours

The Smell

If the smell of the dihydroxyacetone (DHA) or the fragrance most of these products use to mask the chemical is too much for you, try a bronzing makeup instead that will wash off at the end of the day

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