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How To Grow Your Hair Out

You’re getting married, the date is set and, if you’re lucky, you have just enough time to grow out your hair so that you can bag the style you’ve always wanted to wear, as you sweep up the aisle.

But do you have the staying power as your hair goes from short and cute through that messy, need an alice band to keep off your face stage? And what about split, dead ends?


  • You need a realistic goal hair grows at roughly half an inch every month (that’s what the professionals say), so in 10 months you can have 5 inches more hair; in 20 months, 10 inches – for those who anticipate long locks after only 6 months, it’s going to take a little longer than you thought!
  • Prepare yourself –  for the top heavy, stick out stage; getting the top layers to grow out gracefully is probably the hardest part
  • Avoid the hairdresser – this is contrary to what the average hairdresser, who will advocate that a trim every few months will take care of split ends and help shape the style, will tell you, but it’s a little like going cold turkey; if you’re going to grow it, grow it
  • Having said that – if your style is highly layered to start with, you may need a visit or two to the hairdresser to avoid the ‘mullet’ stage and to bring the back of the hair in line with the rest (chat to your hairdresser first to come up with a strategy)
  • Accessorise get creative with scarves, clips and bobby pins, feathers, elastics and even hair pieces (clip in extensions will get you through any formal gatherings you may have to attend whilst you’re going through the agony) as there will be days that give new definition to ‘bad hair day’
  • Eat your hair long – make sure you’re following a diet rich in B12, zinc and iron; manage your stress (taking up meditation around now would be a good idea) and avoid too much heat styling
  • Introducing the two week rule – apparently even the very worst short hair grow out phase is just that, a phase – it will come right in just two weeks; so grin and bear it

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