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All About Wedding Skin Care

On your wedding day, there is absolutely no hiding your face. Sure, your dress, flowers and veil will all vie for attention, but naturally everyone will be looking at your newly-wed, happily glowing face.

Now, let’s make sure it’s glowing for the right reasons.

Getting married and planning a wedding is a stressful time for anyone. No matter how fuss-free and naturally perfect your skin may be, a wedding may bring out all the nasty stress hormones which may leave you feeling like a teenager again (and not in the good way).

Here are a few tips to help you get the best wedding skin you can – and leave you glowing for all the right reasons:

Don’t make any drastic changes

If you are thinking about changing your skin care products or routine – do it well before your wedding – at least three months before. Your skin will take time to adjust – it may go through stages of oiliness or flakiness while it settles. Make sure your skin isn’t still ‘adjusting’ on your big day.

Go for a facial

The perfect opportunity for a little down-time and a great chance to spend a little girly time with your bridesmaids if you wish. No matter how good you are to your skin at home, a facial will always give your skin that little bit extra. Make sure your therapist includes an exfoliation to get rid of any dead skin –so your beautiful fresh skin can give all the glow it has! Make sure you book this for a week before your big day – skin can be a little red while it settles down from a professional treatment.

From the inside out

Not only for the health of your skin, but for your overall wellness –make sure you eat properly leading up to your wedding. It can be very easy to stress-eat and ‘treat’ yourself to many meals out or takeaways – but that’s not doing you or your skin any favours. In the months leading up to your wedding commit to eating at least two pieces of fruit a day with two liters of water. Banana, papaya, lemon and mango are particularly good. Good eating before your big day will also make it easier to continue once you’re married.

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