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5 Beauty Mistakes To Avoid On Your Wedding Day

The major mantra, when it comes to the bride on her wedding day, is keep it low key. Anything that comes close to OTT is just that – over the top.

Here follow beauty tips your friends may be too busy to think of helping you with:

  • Suit your hairstyle to your dress – as easy as it is to be swayed by the hairstyles worn on fashion ramps, and by models in wedding attire, stay away from trends and choose something that not only suits your wedding gown or dress (if you’re going 1930s vintage, then waves and a low chignon will do you proud) but also suits your face. Make sure you tell your hairdresser if you’re wearing a veil or tiara, as this needs to be taken into account. And do a trial run, so that you can go home and try on the dress first to see the overall effect.
  • Keep your make-up timeless – steer away from latest fads; you don’t want to be faced with panda-eyes in your wedding photo twenty years from now, just because smokey eyes were ‘in vogue’ at the time. That applies to shimmer too.
  • Keep to the plan – whatever you do, don’t make a sudden last-minute beauty adjustment because of nerves (like suddenly deciding to wear your hair loose, when an upstyle suits both your dress and your overall look). If you’ve already practised the look and you like it, leaving something out, or making an adjustment on a whim is not a good idea.
  • Don’t leave the facial for the day before – if you’ve ever had a facial before, you’ll know that it takes at least a week for the ruddiness to subside. Don’t be in the position where you’re having to do major touch ups on skin that has erupted because there was not enough time for it to respond to the facial – a month before the wedding is probably a better idea.
  • Colour your hair at least two weeks before the wedding – this gives it time to relax and you time to get used to it. And don’t make any drastic hair colour changes for your wedding – not only will the colour show up in photographs, particularly if they’re taken in sunshine, but you won’t look the same in your dress, and your make-up might have to change.

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