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Craft Brewed Beer At Your Wedding

Craft brewed beer is the latest wedding craze.

A rather exciting one as South Africans enjoy their brew. But craft beer, as you will learn, is not just any beer.

Craft beer describes small scale breweries. Or unpretentious, independent breweries that produce a limited production of cask ale, brewed in the traditional way.

It became clear that the initial microbrewery – used to describe the smallness of the production – was hopelessly inadequate, as it failed to impart the alternative attitude and artistry of the burgeoning industry. And so ‘craft beer’ was born.

Craft beer is different from ordinary beer: they contain no additives, preservatives, thickners or stabilisers, take longer to brew and cut no corners on taste.

Think it hasn’t taken off in South Africa? Think again. There are now websites devoted to finding a brewery near you, beer events around the country, with features on the various crafters.

You can also buy home starter kits online and instructions on how to use malted barley, hops, yeast and water to make your own brew beneath the stairs or in the garage. No surprise then that half everyone you know is secretly brewing up their own strain of the brew they so enjoy.

How to include it in your wedding:

  • Do research, if you don’t already have a good idea of local brewers (start online, or at local restaurants). Here are a handful (there are many more) well known brands:


Jack Black Beer, Devil’s Peak Brewing Company, Boston Brewery, Darling Brew, Napier Brewery, Birkenhead Brewery, Saggy Triggerfish Brewing, Saggy Stone Brewing Company, Citizen Beer


Copper Lake Breweries, Three Skulls Brew Works, De Garve Brewery and Drayman’s Brewery


Shongweni Brewery, Porcupine Quill Brewery, Zulu Beer, The Nottingham Road Brewing Co., Robson’s beers


Sneeuberg Brewery


Clarens Brewers

  • Brew your own – or get an enthusiastic buddy to brew for you; then add your own custom labels, if you’re serving it by the bottle
  • Get a catering company to supply you with a tap system (cheaper than by the bottle, and better for the environment too), and hire beer glasses as opposed to champagne (you may have to add a diagram on how to pour a pint as the average person gets foam everywhere)

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