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Would You Wear Uggs At Your Wedding?

Despite the premature announcement by various media institutions late last year that Ugg boots are over, the freak weather in New York recently saw more than a few Ugg clad feet marching the sidewalks.

It wasn’t the pavements alone either. Just after fashion week Vogue published an article that waxed lyrical about its editors’ passion for Uggs and new ways of styling and pairing them.

For those of you who don’t know, Ugg boots are the sheep shearing flat boots to come out of Australasia that hit the world big time in the mid-2000s. They’re unisex sheepskin boots with fleece on the inside and a (usually) tanned outer surface.

They became a ‘must have’ fashion item around the world and if you didn’t own a pair to don with your (ultra short) denim skirt, then you owned a pair simply to schloof around the house in – for more comfy it doesn’t come than these.

There’s a rather lengthy, ongoing dispute as to the origin of the trademark name, especially as this particular style of sheepskin boot has been around in Australia and New Zealand since the late 1950s.

Love them, or hate them, it seems the world understands comfort when it sees it. And whilst many boycott the original boots made of sheepskin for ethical reasons, there are plenty of synthetic replacements to enable the average fashion slave to own a pair without having to face the ire of the animal liberation movement.

But would you wear them at your wedding?

For those brides after a snowy winter wedding, boots that look like this and this easily make an Ugg boot a choice wedding item.

Of course Uggs were also voted one of the 10 items men don’t like on women, in a 2010 survey of the Daily Mail in the UK. But that was three years ago, and they’re still in evidence, so don’t let rampant sexism hinder your wedding style.

Ugg has recently released a range of Wedding Uggs – a line for those brides for whom comfort means more than tradition – here – although you have to have a serious penchant for metallic, blue soled, Swarovski crystal style shoes to go in for these.

But when it comes to comfort, you can’t beat an Ugg.

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