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Backyard Weddings are Making a Comeback

Backyard Weddings ~ There’s getting married in your backyard, and then there’s getting married in your backyard – it really boils down to whether it’s an acre or two with swathes of lawn, flowers and a decorative maze, or a postage stamp.

Because if it’s the postage stamp, I’d advise taking your wedding elsewhere. But anything inbetween the stamp and an acre or two is fast becoming the latest trend in wedding venue ideas. Backyard Weddings. How simple.

Get married and host the reception, right in your back yard! There really isn’t anything quite as intimate or personalised.


The other serious advantage to hosting a Backyard Wedding is that in doing so presents the opportunity of being able to renovate your own home, rather than sinking money into venue hire. The patio that needs re-paving, the garden that needs landscaping, the focus now falls on how to make your home beautiful.

A few things to bear in mind when hosting Backyard Weddings …

  • use your surroundings to your advantage – play up the views, use wedding colours that offset the yard and complement flowers, trees, bushes
  • enhance the outdoors – add a gazebo, fairy lights, candles, fountains, statues, a dance floor
  • get help – just because it is your home, doesn’t mean you (or your mother) have to do it all, you may need professionals to help re-wire electricity, supply furniture, linens, carpets, wedding cake, catering, the wedding flowers etc to host your Backyard Wedding successfully
  • de-dog the area (nobody loves your dogs the way you do) so Spot and Fluffy will have to be farmed out for the day
  • bathrooms – make sure you have enough to accommodate guests and that they’re in good working order
  • dress code – let your guests know, if it’s a lunch time affair, to bring hats and sunscreen
  • use paper lanterns, they are quite beautiful and work really well outside, and festoon the place in flowers, it looks incredible
  • let the neighbours know
  • be prepared for changes in weather
  • have enough space to park cars

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