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Lauren’s Bridal Diary: Wedding Entertainment or Musical Extravaganza?

I am a fervent lover of performing arts, the stage and dancing.  I have danced my entire lifetime and love a bit of razzle, glitz and a spotlight.  Ballet still moves me deeply and dancing stirs something inside me that is electrical.  But none of the above means that I can or should turn my wedding into a spectacle.  Somewhere between entertaining our guests and putting on a show of Broadway proportions is a fine line that need not be crossed.

I’m blessed to have a fiancé who will place a cap of sanity on my head.  He is by far the most adventurous one in our relationship.  He approaches everything, no matter how daunting, with gusto whilst holding my hand and reassuring me that I’ll be ok.  That is with everything other than dancing and speaking in public.

In these areas, I feel as free as a bird.  He feels more like me when I’m pulled into the ocean near reef, big swell and competent surfers and told to try surfing.  Uncomfortable, out of my element and extremely terrified.

For example I would love to do a sultry tango at our wedding.  He would probably rather chew off a finger.  He has mentioned that he’d burst out laughing.  Don’t get me wrong, he has rhythm, moves his hips well and enjoys dancing.  But throw in a crowd, counts and choreography and he’ll be running for the hills.

If he would let me there’d be a giant swing band with tubas and polished brass playing Michael Buble’s big band beats.  I would probably change into something glitzy and do a dance.  Heaven only knows I may even sing a song.  And the poor guests would be left wondering if they were at a show or our wedding.  So when does it all become too much?

Here’s that word again-compromise.  What’s most important is really putting a day together that represents who you are as a couple – which can be quite challenging given that most couples complement each other with their different interests, talents and tastes.

But talk to your groom and find out what he would like to do and what he’s comfortable with.  Because when you’re both comfortable and enjoying yourselves, your guests will be too.

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