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6 Great Wedding Gifts for the Bride (from the Groom)

There is the tradition, whether or not you choose to follow it, to buy the bride a gift. That is the groom, buys the bride, a gift.

The bride has spent weeks, if not months, planning, directing, delegating, doing and busting her butt to get this once-in-a-lifetime event off the ground. And whilst the groom, no doubt, has had his hand in, the bride deserves a little something just to let her know that her work all counts for something.

Here are a few great ideas that won’t break the bank:

  • iPod playlist of all your greatest ‘together’ songs – nothing quite like signature tunes that bring back memories for both of you (you’ll obviously want to include your first dance here) like what played at a particular gig you went to together, what was playing in the background at your first date, a movie theme song that you both love…
  • Your grandmother’s/mother’s ring – this is jewellery, but with definite added kudos (and it won’t cost the groom anything other than a very convincing story for his grandmother, who may have to part with her jewellery). A bride will love it even more if it comes accompanied by a real story of its origins and why its so sentimental…
  • A spa gift certificate – not a very original idea, I know, but she’ll need it, and will love it. Better still, book both of you in just before the wedding.
  • Lingerie – a perfect reminder of how sexy and beautiful the groom finds the bride; really fork out for something she wouldn’t usually wear to mark the transition from girlfriend to wife.
  • Family tree of your family – go all out to find a designer family tree and fill in your family (not all of whom she will know), including her name next to yours; it should be beautiful enough to frame.
  • A puppy – there are ulterior motives for handing over a bundle of fur that is sure to solicit squeals of delight. One is that she will have a new project (dog training, house training, perfect dietary requirements) to get involved in, now that the wedding is over, and two is that it should result in a slight delay to her biological clock.

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