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7 Alternatives to Wedding Cake

Alternatives to Wedding Cake ~ Cakes are expensive. Unless your mother’s making it. But do you really want the marzipaned fruitcake, or is it simply convention that is forcing your hand? Rather than agonise over where to find a baker that won’t charge you an arm and a leg, there are other ways of doing the wedding cake, without the cake…

We explore alternatives to wedding cakes that are more affordable, and for that matter enjoyable, than the conventional wedding cake:

The cupcake tower

This is such fun, and not difficult to do yourself if you’re even vaguely artistically inclined – tiered cupcakes, about four layers or so, individually crowned with icing like softserve, or dollops of cream and flowers on top can look gorgeous; best of all this version can really adapt to the colour scheme of your wedding

The ‘candy table’ 

table filled with various boxes, bags and glass jars filled with sweets and chocolates more than fulfills everyone’s dessert needs

The dessert table 

Atable with various pies, flans and home-baked treats, supplied by the bakers amongst your friends and family, can go down a treat – pecan nut, chocolate mousse, old-fashioned apple, brandy tart…

Cake buffet 

Atable filled with an array of the most incredibly decadent cakes – carot cake, chocolate, vanilla, tiramisu, each elegantly served on a cake stand and decorated in true retro style – think of the fun


Alternatives to wedding cakes take many forms. This is a French style pyramid of profiteroles that stands tall and acts as a centrepiece of note; it’s also absolutely delicious

Cheese and biscuits

Hear me out, before you roll your eyes; this does not have to be cheese slices and bacon kips. Instead we’re talking thick wedges of organic and artisan cheeses, served with chunks of artisan breads, olive oil and vinegar

Make-it-yourself waffles

Supply berries, choc chips, cream, sliced banana, toasted nuts, nutella and ice-cream in various artful bowls at a station together with freshly toasted waffles on which guests can arrange their own toppings

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