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Don’t Forget About Your Hands …

If you, like me, don’t pay a lot of attention to your hands, you might want to rethink this before the big day arrives. Remember that your hands will play a big part in your wedding day and your photographer will probably want to get some close up snaps of your hands.

It is good to start taking care of your hands a few weeks (at least) before the big day. Remember mosituriser is key and you should try to keep some close by at all times so that you can restore the balance to hands. Don’t neglect your hands at night, just before you go to bed spend a few minutes applying moisturiser to your hands. After doing this for a few days you’ll start to notice your hands feeling softer.

Book yourself in for a manicure, if you’re not really in to that sort of thing invite a friend along and you can have your mani together and catch up on the latest gossip. If you’re looking to beat the budget gather your girlfriends and have a mani day at home. Get a few decent sized bowls and fill them with warm water, add a few rose petals and some essential oil to the water and relax for a few minutes with your hands soaking in the water. Add some salt to your body wash and apply this liberally to your hands, team up with a friend and massage each others hands.

Paint your nails, either a crazy colour or just a clear gloss to keep them looking and feeling great! Whatever you do remember to take care of your hands and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise …

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