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4 Themed Gift Ideas for a Kitchen Tea

Kitchen Tea ~ Typically the modern day bride comes with an established household, which makes gift shopping for a kitchen tea a little bit complicated.

As the bridesmaid, it is part of your job to help guests decide what to buy that will be a helpful addition to the bride’s household, so when she doesn’t “need” anything you might have to get creative. To come up with ideas, think of the things that your bride loves and go from there.

Some ‘Kitchen Tea’ ideas to get you started …

Baker Bride

If your bride loves baking, consider having a baking theme for her kitchen tea. You can get everyone to bring a copy of their favourite cookie / cake recipe to include in their baking theme gift. Fancy cake decorating tools, cookie cutters, cupcake cups – the options are endless. You might even ask each person to bring an ingredient to put towards making a special recipe.

Book Bride

If your bride is a bookworm, ask each guest to bring a copy of their favourite book as a gift for her. Remind them not to forget to write an inscription explaining why they loved the book. This will be particularly great if she is planning to spend her honeymoon on the beach.

Something Charming

Buy your bride a charm bracelet and get all the kitchen tea guests to buy her a charm. This way she will have a keepsake that she will treasure forever and each charm will remind her of an important lady in her life.

Gourmet Picnic Basket

Get your bride a large picnic basket and get everyone to contribute something to it. They could add special gourmet items like pestos, cheeses and bottled olives, bottles of wine or champagne, champagne glasses, crackers, flavoured olive oils, chocolates etc. They can take the basket with them on honeymoon and be ready to enjoy a romantic picnic whenever they like.

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