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Elle’s Bridal Diary: Hairs and Graces – Wedding Hair Ideas

Wedding Hair Ideas ~ I am not one for rules; I always believed that you should be motivated by more than simply fear of punishment or fear of judgement. I believe you should be motivated by love, passion and even a dream. I apply this belief to the big items and even the not-so-big items … like hair.

At the risk of contradicting my opening I would like to present you with some rules, around selecting a hairstyle for your special day:

Up and away

Up styles are great. Nothing says elegance like hair swept away from the face carefully tucked into a dollop of graceful wisps. These days there are so many varieties to choose from you could go from using bohemian braids to ballet buns.

In recent times I’ve seen the loveliest dos but these are most exquisite when they compliment the bride, the dress and the style of the wedding. For our beach party an elegant up do may not be the most suitable choice. Take a look at the overall theme for your day, your dress and even your personality when making your decision.


Before I start sharing about extensions I have to say that my first hand experience is limited. Friends who have used extensions on their wedding are full of praise as this allowed their tresses added texture and volume.

One complaint I’ve heard, however, was from brides who were more than happy on their special day but found the extra locks an inconvenience while on honeymoon as they were not experienced in the maintenance thereof. This may only apply to longer term extensions, be sure to speak to your stylist about your options.

Side swept

Jennifer Lopez dazzled at the Golden Globes earlier this year and set in motion a trend that has taken bridal pages by storm. Your side swept mane can bring you similar results as it balances the elegance of the up-do with a hint of sass. 

As a massive J.Lo fan I have attempted this style on a number of occasions and enjoyed success only when a copious amount of hair spray and mousse was used. Again, speak to your stylist and arrange a trial or two.


When you make your final decision around your hair style for your big day please remember to factor in your veil. If you will be wearing one it is essential to take it along to your trial to see how it compliments your do. You do not want to set your heart on a specific style and wearing a veil and find, on the day, you have to let go of one.

These were some of the thoughts I had around selecting a hairstyle for my day. While friends and colleagues often refer to mine as Shakira-esque I’ve always thought of my long dark wavy curls as more aligned towards Macy Gray or Scary Spice. I’ve opted to keep things simple…but who knows, the J.Lo influence may make its way come January 25th.

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