Indoor Or Outdoor Wedding Venue?

posted on 19 March 2013 by The Tie The Knot Team
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The perfect outdoor wedding venue has a standby indoor venue as a backup plan. What will you do if it rains? And rain does happen, even on your wedding day.

For many it’s as easy as turning the reception area into a makeshift ceremony area, should push come to shove.

But if you’re uming and ahing about which to go for, here are some pointers to keep in mind:


  • Protection from the weather – inclement weather is not better spent than indoors infront of a roaring fire or safely out of the wind
  • Complete privacy – you’re behind closed doors, which is a lot more intimate
  • The caterer may find indoors easier for displaying food and keeping it warm and pest free
  • Everyone is more likely to hear the proceedings when indoors; outdoors sound can get carried off by the wind or not reach those guests at the end of the table
  • Perfect for more formal weddings
  • You can decorate to create the atmosphere you enjoy most
  • Free from any outdoor pests and winged beasts
  • The noise of the party is more easily contained


  • The location – nothing like a sunset in the background, or a gorgeous garden as your backdrop
  • It’s cheaper – often an ourdoor venue, like your back garden, costs you nothing
  • Great for balmy summer evenings, but not great for windy summer evenings
  • The wedding is a lot more low-key when out of doors and allows for informal dressing all round
  • The weather – it can play for or against you; if it rains or the weather turns windy, you will need a backup strategy
  • An outdoor wedding can be noisy – you’ll need to let your neighbours know if you intend partying into the night
  • You risk having people ‘drop by’ if it’s on the beach or in a public open space
  • Those things that go buzz – outdoors can mean mosquitoes, moths and other winged creatures make their presence felt

Many venues offer the best of both worlds – the option for an outdoor wedding ceremony followed by an indoor venue for the reception.

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