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A Fantasy Engagement Shoot

One of the most fun ways to celebrate a new engagement is to grab hold of the nearest photographer and organize a fantasy engagement shoot. Why? Well, firstly because it is fun. And secondly? Well…it’s fun… you don’t need a second reason!

Now obviously the two of you can just show up on your photographer’s doorstep holding hands and looking moony, but you might want to take a little bit of time to make an occasion out of this because it really is a good excuse to bring out your playful and creative side.

Dress up, source a few props and put on your happiest happy face because this is as great a time as any to let your inner geek shine.

Fantasy engagement shoot ideas …

An Alice in Wonderland Shoot

So Alice didn’t actually marry The Mad Hatter, but that doesn’t mean that you and your significant other can’t dress up as them anyway. Grab yourself a checkered tablecloth, a pack of cards and a bunch of quirky and way out props and get posing.

A wonderland theme offers an endless supply of possibilities. Give yourself a little time and start collecting. As long as you hire someone who knows what they’re doing behind the camera, you won’t be sorry that you made yourself do it.

Bold & Beautiful

If dressing up is not your thing, why not grab yourself a couple of brightly coloured balloons filled with helium and head to the beach. Wear understated clothes – jeans / slacks and a plain collared shirt and a light coloured dress – and let the balloons make a statement.

Sidewalk Chalk it

If you feel your artistic talents lie in your drawing abilities rather than your dressing abilities, why not grab some sidewalk chalk and get creative by drawing a scene in which to put yourself. Cheesy hearts and speech bubbles are perfectly acceptable when it comes to cutesy coupling!

Old Fashioned Fun

Put your man in khakis, a white shirt and suspenders and a nice beret while you don a bold-but-understated old-fashioned dress (think polka dots and puffy-ish sleeves) and then drag yourselves off to somewhere quirky for a couple of pics. Think old railway station, junkyard or even an old farmyard. Watch a couple of old movies for inspiration.

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