Prop Ideas for a Makeshift Photo Booth

posted on 9 June 2014 by The Tie The Knot Team
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Makeshift Photo Booth

Skipping out on a rented photo booth and creating a photo space of your own means that you get to be even more creative when it comes to photo props. You are no longer limited to small props that can fit inside of a little box, but can expand your imagination to include bigger props. This means that your guests can have even more fun playing in front of the cameras.

Here are some prop ideas for your makeshift photo booth:

The Usuals

The usual props that you might find in a photo booth will obviously still work for your makeshift photo booth. Hats, wigs, crazy glasses, chalkboard signs, giant flowers, feather boas, fans and moustaches on sticks will all work just as well here as they do in a smaller booth.


A studio-like space designated for photographing your guests can look a bit “large” without a focal point. This is easy to remedy by adding a place for your guests to sit while they are photographed. Most folk will probably feel more comfortable sitting anyway. For a rustic look you might want to try two bales of hay angled in a rough “V”. Otherwise you might consider something like a small table and two chairs. Add a tea set just for fun.


Helium balloons or balloons on sticks are a great way to add a little pop of colour to your photo booth. These wouldn’t generally work in a small photo booth as they tend to take up too much space.

Giant Photo Frames

Colourful photo frames are another fun addition to any photo booth. Having a collection of different sizes is a good idea as group size will not be an issue.


Bunting is always a good way to add an extra festive feel to the celebrations. Bold colours to match your wedding theme can be very effective.


You could use a bubble machine or simply provide bubbles for the guests to blow themselves. Photographs with bubbles are awesome. Enough said.

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