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Groom’s Speech Guide – And What The Bride Wants (And Doesn’t) To Hear

The speech. A guy’s got to love you to marry you, for if there’s one thing they most fear it isn’t waiting for you to appear at the church door, it’s having to write and then say a speech.

As well as including a few necessary items, like thanking her parents for her existence in the world in the first place, here follow a few tips for the groom, and a couple of items the bride might most like to hear:

  • Steer away from trying too hard – you don’t have to get all flowery and include a million and one funny anecdotes and clever references, something from the heart is far more appealing
  • Five minutes is more than long enough, but two minutes is too short
  • Make note cards – think we’re kidding? There is nothing more embarassing than losing yourself halfway through your manuscript, and it’s bad form to read your speech without any eye contact. If you’re really brave, speak off the cuff, which isn’t as hard as it sounds, and is far more sincere
  • Show your appreciation – this is obvious; your bride is going to look simply incredible, and letting her know in front of everyone that she looks a million dollars is no bad thing (she’ll love you for it)
  • Avoid the really gaff lines you’ll find on groom speech writing guides that include pre-prepared introductions along the lines of: ‘Oops, this isn’t my speech, it’s a list of things I can and cannot do, now that we’re married’ or ‘this is what Susan said I should say’
  • Focus on your bride – talk to her as if she’s the only person in the room (after you’ve thanked the necessary people you need to thank) and give her a heartfelt and sincere account of why you married her. This is the one really acceptable moment to wear your heart on your sleeve in public. Uncomfortable, maybe, but emotional honesty is so refreshing, and your bride will love you for it

PS: at all costs, avoid talking about past relationships, or referring to your wife as your most recent ex-girlfriend (particularly if you have a few of these)

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