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Beautiful Wedding Traditions from Scandinavia
5 Feb 2014

Beautiful Wedding Traditions from Scandinavia

Some particularly lovely wedding traditions are still upheld in the Scandinavian countries and when you think about weddings being held in places like Norway or Finland you cannot help but picture pure beauty. Rolling ...

Engraved Rings
13 Jun 2013

Beautiful Wedding Traditions from South America

The mainstream wedding industry in our country is pretty unconventional I think. While many couples do conform to certain Western traditions, the weddings here are pretty cosmopolitan and rituals are seldom adhered to. ...

6 Jun 2013

Beautiful Wedding Traditions from the British Isles

You can’t help but think “Fairtytale Wedding” when you think of England and the British Isles. Perhaps it is because so much fairy folklore comes from these beautiful countries. It’s nice to see how many ...

Tossing the bouquet
30 May 2013

Choosing the Next Bride

We all know the drill. Sometime during the night the DJ is going to stop the music and make all the single ladies stand in an awkward bundle in the middle of the dance floor while the bride shows off her backwards ...

Father and Bride
15 May 2013

From Weird to Wonderful: 3 Wedding Trends with Shady Origins

Ah weddings! A gorgeous bride wearing white is being lead down the aisle by her doting father. In the front of the church stands a nervous groom, flanked by his best men while the bridesmaids stand adorned and beautiful ...

Bride With Veil
1 Feb 2013

Un-Veiling the Bride

For most modern-day brides, the choices concerning veils are relatively simple: If you like veils, wear one. If you don’t like them, don’t. But what if you are indifferent? You neither love nor hate veils and you ...