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Love Quotes from Classic Literature
14 May 2014

3 Love Quotes from Classic Literature

There’s nothing like a good quote from some classic literature to add a little spice to a wedding speech. Why? Because wedding speeches are all about feelings, and when you are having a little trouble expressing those ...

5 Love Quotes
23 Apr 2014

5 Love Quotes from Contemporary Literature

When it comes to writing wedding speeches, a lot of us tend to get a little anxious about what to say. Luckily “love” is one of those subjects that many people have written great things about, so when you’re ...

Bible Verses Suited to a Wedding
31 Jan 2014

3 Bible Verses Suited to a Wedding Ceremony

A traditional Christian wedding ceremony kind of demands that a few scriptures be thrown into the mix of vows and preaching, which means that you are, once again, faced with a couple of choices. Now, I know what ...

Modern Reading
15 Jul 2013

3 Wedding Readings from Modern Literature

If you’re a bookish Bride and you’re looking to add something a little personal to your wedding ceremony you might consider having someone read a romantic passage from one of your favourite books. No, I don’t mean ...

Reading from Classical Literature
11 Jun 2013

3 Wedding Readings from Classic Literature

There is something about a good passage reading at a wedding that kind of just softens everyone. Having one of the bridesmaids or a beloved family member get up and read something lovely during the ceremony can be quite ...

Wedding Readings
17 May 2013

3 Wedding Readings from Children’s Literature

Love is at its core such a childlike quality that it often inspires a visit from our own inner children. Love, like Joy and Excitement, can bring out Playfulness and Wonder in even the most jaded of adults. If you feel ...

29 Oct 2012

Wedding Readings That Are Slightly Quirky (And Don’t Come From The Bible)

You may not intend having a particularly alternative wedding, but every couple wants to have readings that are meaningful. At the very least you're after a passage that rings true for you; a reading that is slightly ...