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Wedding Invitation Inspiration
14 Oct 2013

Elle’s Bridal Diary: Wedding Invitation Inspiration

Tips, Ideas and Wedding Invitation Inspiration - I have read that the invitation to your wedding is easily the most important element of your big day as this is the guest’s first impression of the bridal couple. While ...

26 Mar 2013

How To Handle Overdue RSVPs With Aplomb

It's a common problem for anyone sending invitations. Once they leave your hands - no matter how well prepared, how beautifully presented – the derth of replies is invariably the thorn in your side. How many ways ...

17 May 2012

Making Your Own Wedding Invitations

Wedding invites have come full circle. From the formal embossed affairs that made it to your front door via the postal service, to a simple sms or email without any of the squiggles, bows and sequinned stars, and back ...

RSVP Cards for Invitations
22 Nov 2011

The thorny subject of RSVPs

The beautifully designed and embossed wedding invitations have left your desk (be it via slow mail, email or FB) and tacked onto the bottom, as with most invitations, is the RSVP. Simple, done and dusted. Now all you ...

Including Stepparents in Your Wedding
4 Nov 2011

The polite way to say: “You’re not invited, doll”

The bottom line is that you are not going to please everyone, and you most certainly are not going to manage to invite everyone to your wedding. Not to be blunt about it, but you're probably going to agonise over the ...

Who to invite to your wedding?
6 Sep 2011

Who to invite to your wedding?

The essential question here is, do you opt for the wedding invitation list that smacks of good manners, or do you toss protocol for the type of wedding guest list you would like? There are a number of issues at stake ...