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8 Totally Unique Wedding Venues

Weddings can be a little formulaic. Most wedding venues come coupled with little chapels, the grounds of which are sometimes, admittedly, beautiful. But why not choose something different? Try one of these:

The dockside

Getting married near water is a lovely alternative. And the dock, with yachts and sail boats in the background, a glorious sunset throwing beautiful colours across the sky – what more could you ask?

Butterfly World

A room full of butterflies – think how enchanting the ceremony could be. Of course, you may need to persuade the owners and you will need to remember the rather sticky indoor temperature…

A winery

Whilst getting married on a wine farm is not necessarily a new idea, using the winery as the venue, particularly during winter when indoor venues are more necessary, is not something you hear about often. And you might bag a special on the house wine.

Beneath a big tree

Outdoor venues are popular. Many of them marred by the idea that you need a canopy over your head in order to marry. But what about the branches of an enormous old oak?

Alongside the pool

Remember all those poolside Christmas and New Year parties of the eighties? A poolside offers a wonderfully romantic alternative – floating candles and lilly pads. You can use your back yard, or a hotel pool, and can dress it up or down.

At a museum

Have you looked at the architecture of the average museum building? Some of these will offer really good rates or discounts and have some beautifully impressive features that will make incredible photo opportunities. Dress it up with flowers or branches of trees and you’ve got a venue.

At the aquarium

Getting married with fish in the background (have you seen the kelp forest at the Two Oceans?) is not only a change of scenery, but provides all the décor you will need.

A farm field

Imagine, a secluded farm (not too far from everything) with a field, filled only with a few beautifully decorated wooden tables and greenery, wherever the eye looks…

In a garden

It needn’t be your parents’ garden (although if they have a beautiful one then why not?) but there are a number of gardens, particularly those opened to the public during open garden days that will be worth asking if they host weddings – many of them do.

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