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Last Minute Change Of Venue – Should You Panic?

There are many reasons why a change of wedding venue might happen:

  • The venue could close down (shriek, splutter!) – sounds horrifying, but it does happen; and this one is beyond your control
  • You could lose faith in your current venue – the organiser is always slow to return your calls; you have yet to see a menu plan, or you recently sampled the food and you’re not happy
  • You could have a complete change of heart and decide the venue you have chosen is not what you want – you were going to marry in your partner’s home city / town but now you want to marry where your memories are strongest, or you have found another venue you prefer

Whatever the reason, it can happen. And it isn’t the end of the world.

But there are a few considerations, and we take a closer look at these:

  • Are you going to have to forfeit a deposit on your current venue? Check the small print and see if there is a ‘get out’ clause (this is one of the items couples getting married might look out for when signing any contract with a venue). If they have let you down, you could find yourself fighting for your deposit
  • Will the cost of hiring another venue last minute cost you more because of the time pressure? (this is not so much the venue charging more for the privilege as the couple throwing money at a situation because of time constraints)
  • Is it going to affect your suppliers? – let them know immediately, and follow this up closer to the time to make sure that they do not go to the wrong venue. If you’re changing cities, this is a bigger deal as you might have to cancel contracts and find a whole new list of suppliers
  • How will this affect your guests? – you need to let them know as soon as possible; many of them will already have made travel arrangements; If you can, leave a person you trust at the former venue on the day to redirect anyone who might still go there.
  • Remain level headed and flexible; a change of date or venue can be managed if you refuse to panic and stick to managing the fall-out

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