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Wedding Photo Checklist: Part 2 – The Groom Getting Ready

In part one of this wedding photo checklist series we looked at all the photographs needed to make sure you have a well-rounded photographic representation of the bride getting ready. Today we are looking at what photos you will need to take of the groom. Sadly the groom often gets a bit “forgotten” when it comes to the pre-wedding rituals but he certainly deserves just as much attention as the bride so you might want to make sure that your wedding photographer either has the time to get to both of you, or that there is an assistant available to make sure that all the shots get done.

The nice thing about photographing the groom and his posse is that it can be a little less “serious” than the bride (not that the bridal party is necessarily all sombre and boring mind you!). Guys tend to be a little more relaxed and they have the added benefit of not being burdened with all those extra time-consuming things like hair curlers and putting on make-up. This means that there is a little more time to take some fun pics with the groom and his boys after everyone is done getting ready. Just make sure they don’t get dirty otherwise someone is going to be upset!

  • Groom getting ready with father and groomsmen. Shaving. Putting on shoes. Fastening shirt sleeves
  • Groom putting on his boutonniere or fastening his tie. Even better if the groom’s dad or best man does it for him (say awwwwww) or even if the groom’s mom does it
  • Groomsmen putting on their boutonnieres or ties
  • Groom fixing his hair in the mirror
  • Close up of the rings
  • Groom with his dad.  A candid shot of the groom and his dad can make an awesome shot especially if they are chatting, hugging or the dad is whispering some last-minute fatherly advice to his son
  • Groom checking time. Why? Because how cute is the groom who is eager to get to his bride?
  • Groom ready to go
  • Ring bearer ready to go
  • Posed photographs of the groom with his parents / siblings / grandparents
  • Posed photographs of the groom with groomsmen
  • Groom getting into groom’s car

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