The Wedding Photo Checklist: Pt. 1 – The Bride Getting Ready

posted on 18 March 2013 by The Tie The Knot Team
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Bride looking at herself in the mirror

If your wedding photographer isn’t a wedding photographer so much as a really creative photographer friend, you might be feeling a little worried about getting all the right shots in. Unfortunately with weddings you don’t really get any “do-overs” so the next best thing is to print up one of those trusty to-do lists. Now you might be worried that presenting said friend with such a list might come off as a little offensive, but don’t forget that the photographer is there to do something for you. It’s is not offensive to tell this person exactly what you want (actually this sentiment still counts even if your wedding photographer is an actual wedding photographer). In the Wedding Photo Checklist Series you will find a few (many) suggestions for the big day. You may, of course, remove anything that doesn’t interest or apply to you and add any ideas of your own.

The Bride getting ready is one of the most fun parts of the day to photograph. Energy is high and everyone is giddy, excited and possibly a little stressed. Here is a comprehensive list of photo opportunities that you and your photographer should be aware of.

  • The dress. A nice shot of the dress either draped over the bed or a chair or hanging against the closet or window is a must
  • Hair and make-up. Candid photographs of the bride having her hair and make-up done can look absolutely stunning in black and white. And don’t forget the cliché shot of the bride applying her mascara!
  • Still Life Shots. The shoes. The jewellery. The perfume. The garter. The old. The new. The borrowed. The blue.
  • Bouquets.  While the bride is getting ready is a good time to take pictures of the bride and bridesmaid bouquets. They look their best before being used!
  • Bridesmaids. Take a couple of candid shots of the bridesmaids getting ready. Obviously they don’t need as much photographic attention as the bride does but you still need a couple of pre-wedding shots of them
  • Flower girls ready to go
  • Getting dressed. Take a couple of shots of the bridesmaids or bride’s mom helping the bride get dressed
  • Putting on the garter. A nice close up!
  • Buckling her shoes
  • Fastening her jewellery. Putting on an earring can make a great shot as can having one of the bridesmaids or Mom fasten the clasp of the bride’s necklace
  • Putting on the veil
  • Spraying perfume
  • Bride looking at herself in the mirror once she is finally ready
  • Close up photographs of dress details
  • Bride taking a moment alone. Possibly looking out of the window or taking a moment to pray
  • The bride’s dad when he sees her for the first time
  • A few posed photographs with the bride and bridesmaids

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