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Bridal Beauty Tips – The Value Of Hindsight

It’s interesting to speak to past brides and find out what beauty tips they would give to others – there are a few. Who else would advise you to stash wet wipes in the loos for when you want to freshen up, particularly if you’re really hot, sticky or have accidentally messed something down your front!

The good news is that there is no such thing as a bride who is not beautiful. Dress a girl in a gorgeous gown, style her hair in a way that flatters her and just add make-up; the rest of the sizzle comes from the sheer excitement of the day.

But there are a few beauty tips few brides can be without:

  • Don’t stray too far – from the real you; a hairstyle or make-up that is experimental is one thing, going for something that is anything but you will be difficult to carry off
  • Waterproof the mascara – you will cry, mark my words, and you don’t want mascara running down your cheeks or producing panda eyes
  • Charcoal, navy or mahogany – rather than black or brown eyeliner, they’re gentler particularly for outdoor, daytime weddings
  • Keep it dirty – leave your hair unwashed if you’re going for an updo, particularly if you have fine hair – it gives the hair more grip
  • Give it a trial run – doing a make-up run before the big day, particularly if you don’t regularly wear much make-up, is a must; sometimes you need to get used to a new look beforehand
  • Groom those brows – preferably by a professional; consider not only eye brow shaping but tinting too – it gives a wonderful definition to the eyes and you won’t have to pencil them in (just do it at least 4 days before the event)
  • Emergency breakout remedy – if you’re prone to skin erruptions, try hard to keep your hands off your face, but if all else fails and you rise on the morning of your wedding with a pimple the size of vesuvius, get a cortisone injection to shrink it immediately
  • Use powder on your lips – if you want ultimate lipstick staying power; alternately press powder and lipstick layers
  • Go easy on the perfume – rather opt for an expensive scented lotion for a more delicate effect

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