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Heatproof Your Look

With temperatures rising, it can often be a struggle to ensure your makeup stays put throughout the day – a battle between oil, water and everything in between. Whether you are a bride-to-be, a guest or just someone who needs to see it through the party season looking her best, here are a few tips on how to heatproof your look –  to help you end the day looking as good as when it started:

Switch from a lipstick to a tint

A lipstick can look heavy when temperatures soar and also needs constant maintenance. A gloss can add shine to your face when you really don’t want it – use a tint or stick colour. It will remain natural and mean less touching up throughout the day, and also stain your lips for longer wear.

Invest in a good powder

Not only for the sunny-season, a mattifying powder will be your best friend throughout the year. It can help set your foundation, aid in the battle against oiliness, and if you buy a compact, pressed powder it is perfect to keep in your handbag for last minute touch-ups.

Waterproof mascara

Another friend that is perfect to keep around all year, its long wearing ability is perfect to go from the office to cocktail parties to the beach – most formulas are also immune to your natural skin oil, so will keep you bright-eyed all day.

Embrace your hair

It’s tough finding the will power to stand with a hairdryer and straightener when the temperatures are over 30 degrees –not to mention what humidity can do to it when you step outside. Invest in a serum and try and wear your hair as close to its natural state as you can.

Make the switch to gel eyeliner

While pencil eyeliner allows you to get that smudgy, smoky look – it will also probably not last past lunch time. Gel eyeliner has staying power and will give you definition that lasts.

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